If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

-African Proverb

Getting to serve trail runners all over the world is a true joy.  We are so inspired by The Herd who are getting out there every day, putting in the miles and making real change happen.


Jeff Harrell

An OG Clydesdale * says “Fantastic” a lot * loves cilantro and Snickerdoodles * a Beacon of Light has saved him on more than one occasion * Content Marketer by day * loves Texas A&M football and craft beer * husband to Allison * father to 4 + 2 amazing kids

Steven Pritt

Spends too much money on gear * thinks cilantro is a bully spice * hasn’t yet come around on John Denver * eats a lot of Chip-o-tay * Marketing and social media guru * husband to Julie * father to Eva and Esther

Marcie Bazor

Always opinionated and always funny * Creator of the “comfort station” * willing to pace you the last ½ mile * wife to Timmy Time and mom to Charli and Stacy * founder of Blake’s House

Tim Bazor

Goes by Timmy Time * known for his internet-breaking rendition of the Titanic song * runs like a gazelle * has legendary calves * husband to Marcie * father to Charli and Stacy

Scott Graesser

Hands out wisdom nuggets on the regs * mistaken for “Scottalina” * Created and recreated the Big Papa * husband to Christian * father to Kate and David

Our Partners

Sarah Vander Neut is a runner and artist with fabric. Her handcrafted running jackets are the best.  Fact.

We searched all over and found the most incredible running shorts and hooded running shirts.  Softer than a baby’s bottom and stronger than grandpa’s coffee breath.